Corporate Social Responsibility

We understand that as a business, we have an impact on the wider world. 

We want to make sure that we’re fair and ethical to our customers, clients, investors, regulators, suppliers and the community. That’s why we embrace the part we play in helping to build a happier and healthier world. 

We aim to make a difference every day by:

Reducing our environmental impact

We believe we have a responsibility to help protect the planet. We aim to be environmentally conscious and reduce our carbon footprint through:

  • efficient printing
  • reducing the amount of waste we produce
  • using water and electricity mindfully 
  • recycling materials
  • using technology to lessen the need for travel
  • using public transport where possible 

Charitable work and volunteering

We donate to national and local charities, and staff are encouraged to take part in volunteering activities in the local community. 

Over the last 10 years, we have raised over €170,000 for the charities across Ireland including Crumlin Children's Hospital, Temple Street Children's Hospital, National Children's Hospital Tallaght, CUH Children's Unit Cork, The Jack & Jill Foundation, Downs Syndrome Ireland and Hand in Hand Children's Cancer charity.

We also support local charities such as The Capuchin Day Centre's by running an annual nappy appeal for the homeless and Enable Ireland Galway.

Our employees

We’re an inclusive organisation committed to the fairness, diversity and equal opportunities for our staff. We listen to and respect each and every member of our family. We nurture ambition and support everyone to achieve their goals.

Our suppliers and partnerships

We make sure that all our partners are ethical and share our values. Take a look at the organisations we work with here.