Confidence starts with baby swimming

Ready to start swimming?

Definitely recommend this!

Definitely recommend these to any parent who has very young babies to start ASAP. The staff are very patient and helpful with information etc. But most of all, our baby girls' teacher, Davide, has the patience of a saint and really gets to know each baby and child.

Carol Murray

Excellent swimming lessons

Excellent swimming lessons for kids. Dillon has learned so much, loves the water and has so much confidence in the pool. It's a life skill and Water Babies classes are the best. Highly recommend Water Babies!

Caoimhe Connolly

A wonderful gift to our child

Better than I expected and such a great gift to give our son. I can't think of a better thing to spend our money on than to give him skills that will keep him safe and also provide a lifetime of fun and enjoyment. Great, great service!

Julie Tilghman