Our culture

Ready to start swimming?

Whether it's the teachers in the pool, the administrators in the local offices, the franchisees who live and breathe the business or all the varied teams at Head Office, each one of them has a part to play in fulfilling our vision.  

Our promises to each other 

We’ll help you make a real difference in the world

Whether you’re a teacher in the pool, an administrator or IT wizard, each of us has a part to play in bringing our vision to life. We’re not just a baby swim school. We’re here to support the development of each and every child from birth. You can’t get much bolder than that.

We’ll inspire you with passion and progress

When you see those little ones in the pool, you’ll truly understand where the passion for what we do comes from. It’s infectious. And it’s this passion that drives us to progress, to help one another achieve our goals.

We’ll care for you like family. We’re in this together

Yes, we buy each other lots of chocolate. And cake. Even when it’s not your birthday. But not only that. We respect each and everyone’s opinion, help each other when things get a little tough, and celebrate every achievement. Yeah, we can be a little annoying sometimes (a round of puns and dad-jokes anyone?), but doesn’t every family?

We’ll help you become the best ‘you’ possible

Learning is the lifeblood of all of us. When we learn, we progress. We achieve. We inspire. Only when we look after each other can we take care of our customers. Whether you’re wanting to develop your skills and interests to make the lives of our customer better, or explore other roles in the business, we’re committed to giving everyone the chance to learn, grow and become the best they can be.

We’ll make you laugh because we’re awesome

(Mic drop...). 

Ready to start swimming?