What we stand for

Your baby is at the heart of everything we do. When they’re ready, we’re ready

Our lessons are truly baby centred. And because we understand that each child works at their own pace, we tailor each activity and skill to them. We never push, we only progress. It’s only when we understand their needs that we can help them grow. 

Be the best, then better it

We have a thirst to learn. And that’s why we’re the leading, biggest swim school in the world. We don’t do things by half measures. We’re constantly evolving our programme, developing our teachers and challenging the status quo.

Develop with science, teach with passion

There’s a lot of science behind that play in the pool. Our programme is carefully structured to reflect key moments in your little one’s development. And not only are we nurturing their physical and emotional growth, but we’re also doing it with boundless enthusiasm, a song (or ten) and a smile.

Water confidence builds life confidence

It’s true. Whether your little one has mastered a new skill or overcome a tricky time, all the things your baby experiences in the water will help them make waves on dry land too, eager for any new challenge that awaits them.

Treat as individuals, embrace as family

We’re passionate about people. Our teachers remember every baby they teach, because they genuinely care. They’ll ask you about your day, if your little one is sleeping better and how their first day of nursery went. You’ll feel like you’re talking to a friend, because you are.

Make each day brighter, life’s too short for dull

We create the astmosphere of a party in the pool. But without the cake fuelled hyperactivity. Just from the pure joy that each lesson brings. Because we believe that learning is done best when it’s made fun.