Reducing the Environmental Impact of the Double Layer Nappy System

The double nappy system consists of a thin inner pant, a disposable or reusable swim nappy, which will contain the poo in the case of a code brown, and an outer neoprene swim nappy, to protect both the swimming pool and the families swimming in there. 

As a baby swimming school, we believe it’s our responsibility to provide caregivers with sustainable alternatives to prioritise both safety and eco-friendliness when it comes to finding the best nappies. That's why we’ve partnered with our friends at Splash About, to develop innovative products to ensure our pools stays clean and your little one safe and comfortable in the water, while minimising the reliance on disposable nappies and making the pool prep and changing routine as easy as possible. 

By offering reusable swim nappies and other eco-friendly solutions, we aim to make life easier for caregivers while staying true to our sustainability goals. Through collaboration and innovation, Water Babies and Splash About are dedicated to facilitating environmentally conscious choices for all families, without compromising on the safety and comfort of their little ones. So, let’s explore the most eco-conscious ways in which we can all adhere to the double nappy system, to keep our pools clean and safe without recurring to disposable swim nappies. 

  • Choosing your waterproof outer layer 

Let’s start by the outer layer. During your Water Babies lessons, this will be your Original Happy Nappy or Happy Nappy DUO in the case of newborns and younger children, and the Splash Jammers in the case of toddlers, or whenever your child outgrows the Happy Nappy sizes available. Both options are fully reusable and chlorine resistant, so they won't lose its shape or protective elasticity when worn again and again. 

There are many brands of reusable swim nappies out there, but the Happy Nappy products and Jammers are the only ranges allowed as the outer layer for the double nappy system during your Water Babies lessons. After more than 20 years in the water, we know it’s the most reliable swim nappy in the world against solid leaks into the pool, while prioritising the comfort and freedom of movement of the little ones wearing them. This is essential to ensure you and your child can focus on what really matters, bonding and enjoying your time in the water, while progressing their swimming skills. 

Developed by Splash About, the award-winning Happy Nappy is made from 1mm thick neoprene. This neoprene is much more stretchy and supple than the one used in wetsuits, and because it’s polyester coated neoprene, using recycled polyester, they’re also available in a wide range of colourful prints. The Happy Nappy also includes bands of rib fabric with a high rubber content at the tummy and thigh cuffs, providing a snug fit. Its unique ergonomic design and patented shape is tailored to fit little ones’ bottoms and move with them, preventing any gapping.  

Available from newborns to 3 years old toddlers, the Happy Nappy can be worn for a whole day of water activities, like beach outings. The super soft neoprene is gentle on little ones’ delicate skin, plus it offers UPF protection from the harmful sunrays during outdoor use, making them ideal during summer holidays. 

Happy Nappies are also easy to clean and care for. If there weren’t any accidents, just rinsing with cold clean water after your Water Babies lesson should be sufficient. If needed, you can also chuck it in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry, using a 30º cycle and non-bio detergent, and then airdrying. 

Splash Jammers are ideal for toddlers and older children, offering the same solid leak protection as Happy Nappy. They’re a reusable swim nappy, but in a more sporty grown-up short design. Because they look like swimming shorts, your little one won’t feel like they’re wearing a nappy at all. The Jammers are also made of super soft and flexible 1mm thick neoprene, featuring the same specialist rib around the waist as the Happy Nappy; but instead of a cuff around the thighs, they include a medical grade silicone band inside of the leg, forming a discreet seal.  

The Splash Jammers are unisex, available in a wide range of prints and designs to suit your child’s unique personality and style. If you’re going to the beach, they can be worn on their own, but remember for your Water Babies lessons, an underlayer will be required. To be used in conjunction with the Jammers, we recommend the Silver Lining Nappy Wrap, which is now available up to size 4 to 5 years old.  

Same as the Happy Nappy, the Jammers can just be rinsed in cold clean water too, or machine washed with the rest of your laundry using a 30º cycle and non-bio detergent, and then airdrying. You can also roll them in a towel and then leave to dry flat and away from direct sunlight. Just remember never to tumble dry or iron your Happy Nappy or Jammers. 

  • Choosing your inner layer 

The inner layer in the double nappy system is the first layer little ones wear to protect against leaks. If you’re using biodegradable or cloth liners, the inner layer will also hold them securely. Your little one will be wearing this inner layer underneath their Happy Nappy or Jammers. Currently, most baby swimming schools with a double nappy system policy in place, will allow a disposable or a reusable swim nappy. Opting for a reusable swim nappy is the most eco-conscious way to go, and the most cost-effective in the long run, particularly if reused by subsequent siblings. 

There are plenty of reusable swim nappies available i which your little one can use under their Happy Nappy or Jammers during your Water Babies lesson. On our online store, you can find multiple options designed by Splash About. Let’s take a look! 

  • The Cotton Nappy Wrap offers a gentle layer next to your baby's skin, ideal if your little one is already used to regular cotton nappies. Made from super soft cotton and available in 3 sizes to fit under the Happy Nappy, the Cotton Nappy Wrap is machine washable and fastens with soft Velcro, so it can be adjusted to fit. Simply slip on the Cotton Nappy Wrap before the Happy Nappy™ for added comfort and easy cleanup after any mishaps. 
  • Similar to the Cotton Nappy Wrap, is the Size Adjustable Under Nappy. Available in two different sizes, both in plain blue or featuring colourful printed designs, it includes two rows of poppers on different positions to grow with your little one, fitting securely under your Happy Nappy or Jammers. Thanks to its long-lasting design and size adjustable capabilities, this under nappy allows fit for up to 1 year; simply use the next row of poppers to provide extra room in the nappy.  
  • For added protection and soothing relief, we recommend the Silver Lining Nappy Wrap. Woven with silver ions into the polyester, which are scientifically proven to kill germs which cause tummy bugs such as Cryptosporidium & E.Coli before they can enter the water, the Silver Lining Nappy Wrap not only combats bacteria and pathogens that chlorine in its own can’t, but also boasts calming properties to aid in nappy rash prevention.  

If you don’t have a reusable swim nappy available as the inner layer, or you need a last-minute emergency option, you can also use an empty pocket nappy. Just remember it needs to be empty so it doesn’t absorb water. This shouldn’t be your go-to option though, and wouldn’t work as a long-term solution, as the chlorinated water will damage it and reduce its efficacy over time. 

  • The DUOs: a Double Layer Nappy System in just one product 

The easiest way to adhere to the double layer nappy system is by opting for a Happy Nappy DUO. Why? Because they’re a double reusable swim nappy in one! DUOs feature a built-in Silver Lining Nappy Wrap, which makes them super handy for your Water Babies lessons, eradicating the need of another layer underneath. It took 4 years of hard work between one of the world’s leading virologists and Splash About, leading manufacturer of baby swimming products worldwide, to develop this technology, destroying pathogens such as Cryptosporidium, E.Coli and COVID 19 in its unique silver lining. 

The Happy Nappy DUO  have been approved as a double layer nappy system, so they’re the only swim nappy or swimming shorts you’ll ever need, while making the pool safer for your little one and other swimmers as well. 

Optionally, you can also place biodegradable or cloth liners inside the inner wrap, to make changing and cleaning easier. We offer bamboo liners, manufactured by Cheeky Panda in partnership with Splash About, which are suitable for use with a swim nappy. You don’t need them, but if your little one tends to poo during their swimming sessions, we do recommend adding some liners to the equation. They’ll help with changing while help protect the nappy. Liners are also especially useful when wearing DUOs, since the Silver Lining Nappy Wrap is attached to the outer neoprene. 

And that’s it! Piece of cake, right? Now we've introduced several reusable alternatives to single-use swim nappies, you might be interested in perfecting the technique of layering reusable swim nappies. With easy-to-follow instructions and helpful tips, you'll be a pro at getting your little one ready for the water in no time. So, grab your swim gear and head over to our step-by-step guide to layering reusable swim nappies! 

But… Why do we keep insisting upon the Double Layer Nappy System? 

At this point, it's natural to ponder whether simplifying the swim nappy routine might be an easier solution, especially when considering the environmental footprint of disposable options. However, the double-layer system serves a crucial purpose beyond waste reduction. By providing an extra barrier against leaks and containing any solid waste, we’re not only promoting a cleaner swimming environment for everyone in the pool, but ensuring your little one's comfort and safety throughout their water adventures.  

It may seem tempting to streamline, but in a bustling baby swimming school where dozens of little ones and their caregivers dip in and out of the water throughout the day, the importance of embracing the double-layer system becomes even more significant. By adhering to the double nappy system, we not only prioritise the wellbeing and comfort of each child, but also contribute to maintaining a clean and safe environment for all swimmers, preventing any unexpected “party-pooping” moments.  

There are other preventive measures you can follow, especially when spending long periods of time in the pool. For instance: 

  • Always remember to shower before entering the pool 
  • Encourage bathroom breaks 
  • Wash hands thoroughly after nappy changes or restroom use. 
  • Avoid swimming when sick or experiencing diarrhoea and try to avoid swallowing pool water. 

By prioritizing these precautions alongside the double layer nappy system, we can all help create a safer swimming environment for everyone.