Our photographers

Meet Alan

"Diving was always one of my passions and after a few years honing my dive skills the urge to record and share the magnificent underwater world led to the purchase of my first underwater camera. This progressed to where I am today with success in a number of natural history and underwater photo competitions.

While my passion for diving with sharks is a long way removed from babies, the satisfaction of working with a team of committed professionals to obtain the best possible images for the client drives us all forward in the pursuit of excellence. Knowing we have captured some great images portraying these little bundles of unpredictable energy, as the clients leave the pool for the viewing room fills us with a great sense of satisfaction.

The process of taking these photos is well refined. The dippers swim the baby in front of the camera, I have to hold my breath, lower my heart rate and hold the equipment and click at just the right moment so I can capture the best possible photo.

The key to capturing good images in this fast-paced environment is teamwork, helping each other critique the shots and make adjustments whilst smiling and enjoying a bit of 'craic'."

Meet Dan

"After a series of boring and unfulfilling jobs in my early twenties, I started a job at Cameras Underwater. It's there that I discovered the depth of my passion for underwater photography. 

I once discovered an extraordinary species of 'Nudibranch' in the Red Sea (think pretty sea slug), which had never before been seen, and caught this on camera. But without genetic evidence, it couldn't be proven. My time to shine however came when I got a mention from Terry Wogan on the BBC 2 Breakfast show for my shot of a seal off the North Devon coast - a little closer to home. 

Today, I head up the photography part of Water Babies, and have been fortunate to travel to all four corners of our network and see some truly amazing landmarks. The energy, excitement and innocence of a baby is inspiring, and I am very grateful to be able to photograph them."