Meet Melanie

"I have the best of both worlds as I work in and out of the pool at Water Babies. I work as an office administrator, social media lady and most important of all I am a Water Babies teacher! In the pool you can’t take the smile of my face. It is so rewarding to see the little ones start as tiny babies and transform into toddlers swimming independently by four years old. Learning to swim is a skill for life and my heart bursts to think that I am making a difference to their little lives.

My first introduction to Water Babies came from my little cousin Leah. She was one of the first Water Babies in Ireland! She is now ten years old and currently doing a Junior Pool Lifeguard course. When my own little boy Leon came along I took him to Water Babies. Right from the very first lesson I was hooked. I worked shift work at the time and that can be tough going at the best of times – let alone with a baby but going to the class was my favourite time of the week.

When an opportunity arose to join the Water Babies family I dived right in.  I’m so proud to have spent the last six years (almost) as part of an amazing team. 

My Water Babies journey is continuing as I am training to become a mentor. This means I will support and nurture the new teachers and help them in their journey to becoming a Water Babies teacher.

I’m so happy to say that I have the best job in the world!"